Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ahhh first day of work!

So I start my first day at Lowes tomorrow, which is a weird job for me anyway. I am a very creative person and I can't imagine this job being long term. I really want to find a career for myself although the journey to finding a career has been hard for me. I think I am just too indecisive but my 25th birthday is the 26th of this month and it's high time I start figuring something out for myself. I want to feel content and settled at a job instead of always feeling like I am temporary person.

Since moving to PA I have been spending a lot of time at home crafting and getting settled in, but now the fun is over!

I need to make some money because my student loan bills are brutal!!

Before the orientation at Lowes, I made an appointment for an interview at a really cute cafe around here. I have been debating all night if it is really worth it for me to even go on the interview... I have the job at Lowes and it is right down the street, while the cafe is a bit further from the apartment.

Well it can't hurt to at least go on the interview right?!

Haha I told you I'm indecisive.

OK well I think I should get to bed. I will be on tomorrow to give an update.

goodnight blog friends