Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun facts about me :)

My name is Erica... my mom wanted to name me Bianca ... I'm glad she didn't because I don't think I would make a very good Bianca

My favorite color is green
in various shades

My favorite candy is Reeses

Favorite food is French Fries YUM

I have an amazing boyfriend his name is Steven and he works for mercedes benz as an auto tech and he is precious :)

We have two weird pets a ferret-Rocco- from Boondock Saints and a chinchilla-Ludo- from the Labyrinth

Steven and I are both straight edge so we don't drink, smoke, or do drugs and we try to live a positive clean life style

My daddy is my best friend and the greatest dad in the world

I work for Lowes currently but that is not in anyway shape or form my dream job I am working really hard at figuring out what I want for a career. I recently got an apprenticeship at a cake decorating business!!!! I am pretty happy about that!

I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS and amusement parks... I don't think I could date someone who didn't love them too

My favorite smelling perfume is turquotic by MAC make-up

I want to live a life that improves and impacts other peoples lives

I love with all of my heart and when someone betrays that its hard for me to ever forgive them

Etsy is intimidating for me and I really want to get more confidence in myself and post some of my art work on there

I love hardcore music but I also love to listen to girly beautiful music

Tattoos are something that I love collecting ...If I wasn't broke I would have a lot more!

I am humorous and entertaining and I love making people laugh :D

I have a younger sister by 10 yrs.

Sometimes I cry and I can't really explain why

If you cry so will I ... I can not stand seeing someone cry, I immediately cry with them

I can't intentionally hurt anyones feelings

I love creating things no matter what it is

shoes are a love of mine ... its hard for me to ever throw them away

I feel like I am offering a lot of information haha hopefully reading my blog will let you get to know me even more