Saturday, July 17, 2010


hi blog friends :)

My life has been going through some changes and everything is back to being up in the air! which seems to just be the way my life is going to be haha.

I left the cake shop because I wasn't learning anything anymore. I worked with her for free for months so I could learn the trade and then she offered to add me to the staff at $8/hr which I agreed to because I figured I would still be learning and growing as a cake decorator which is worth making a crappy pay check. Well it was over a month and I was still "working" on the same thing. What she had be doing could be done at home! so I figured why stay there and not grow and learn when I can pick up more waitressing hours and take an actual class and learn more!

I looked up some classes and found an amazing lady who teaches classes about 45 minutes from the apt and she has been on TLC cake challenges and has worked as a sugar artist all around the world. SO I am hoping to take some of her classes and just be a sponge and learn so much from her!

Thanks for reading and I will keep you updated on my life :)


Becky Farley said...

well that's cool news! Change is good!! :) and TLC is my favorite channel! Maybe I'll see you on it one day!

Ashley said...

good luck! I hope this works out for you! Your header is absolutely wonderful.

Always Look Both Ways said...

HI ladies :)

thank you for reading!

I will keep you up to date on the changes and progress