Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok so I am a bad blogger

I know I don't update the way I am supposed to :(

Saturday Steven, his dad, pam, and I went to get tattoo's
by Steve's amazing friend Aaron!

He works over at Steel City Tattoo and he is a great artist
we had so much fun after getting tattooed we went to Sonic
and acted like tards and laughed our asses off!

Steven's dad got a japanese dragon

Steven got a hilarious bat

and I got Stay True above my knees :) holy hell did it hurt! I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I have to say this was uncomfortable for me...

I am currently watching a show about desserts and I totally think I was meant for this industry!

Steven has a class for Pa auto inspection and it sucks because I want him home at night with me to watch shows and be snuggly!

Work at the cafe has been really busy the past few days! which is awesome because I need the money ...dollah dollah billz haha

Here are some pic's :)