Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am being completely lazy with Steven on this beautiful Saturday!
He has been not only working but taking a class for the Pa state inspection and I have been working , going to Sweet Confections, and taking a cake class on Wed night... needless to say we haven't really seen each other all week!

tonight we are going bowling with his work... which should be entertaining since I have only duck pin bowled my whole life... I also am pretty positive I am not going to be good at it... haha

I bought new lip balm by paul frank and lipsmackers yesterday ... Chachi's fried icecream!
wow is it a yummy flavor :) and the chihuahua is oh so cute

HAHA I found this picture searching for a picture of paul frank's chihuahua

I also found this page which I think is so cute and inspirational

I am going to remind myself to bring my camera and take pictures of our bowling experience

Everyone enjoy the weekend xo